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Modelcollect's new release on 2019.Sep

Monday, October 07, 2019
 UA35004 1/35 Fist of War German WWII sdkfz 553/A medium fighting Mech
 UA35012 1/35 German WWII E-75 heavy tank with 128mm gun
 UA72178 1/72 Germany WWII E-50 Medium Tank with anti-armour and night fighter 2 in 1
 UA72348 1/72 Fist of War German WWII E-75 Ausf.Vierfubler "Jagdeinauge"
 UA72160 1/72 Fist of War German WWII E-100 Supper Heavy Tank "Mauskopf" and Bla-100A Emkf Ausf.zwelfubler
 UA72174 1/72 Russian T-72B with ERA Main Battle Tank with cage armour, 2019
 UA72329 1/72 Soviet/Russian Army MAZ-7410-6 with ChMZAP-9990 semi-trailer and T-64 MBT
 AS72142 1/72 Soviet Army 9P117 Strategic missile launcher SCUD B early type 1970s
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